Our insolvency specialists not only advise companies in dire straits. Our team's knowledge of and experience with reorganisations and turnarounds is also very useful when restructuring is required for other reasons, such as expansion of activities or entry or exit of a shareholder or financier. Together with our other specialists, we can handle any complex issue, whether the focus is on collective redundancies, financing or refinancing, private funding or a full or partial merger or acquisition. Where necessary, we cooperate with accountants and other financial specialists, valuation experts and civil-law notaries.

If it does come down to reorganisation because of financial difficulties, we can advise you on whether it would be better to opt for a suspension of payments, file for bankruptcy or apply for a statutory debt settlement (WHOA). We map out the positions of directors and shareholders and can supervise a restart. With our knowledge and experience, we can also advise or assist directors if a dispute with an insolvency practitioner arises or threatens to arise.