Employment law

Employment law, public service law and education law are constantly subject to change, and in this context ‘the devil is in the details’. Our employment law team has such knowledge of and experience with different legal positions of employees and civil servants to be of good service to you.

Our employment law, public service law and education law team stands for excellent service. We are not 'paper tigers': we settle when possible and litigate when necessary. The team consists of experts with years of experience who closely follow all developments. We are members of various specialist associations and give courses, also in-house.

Our team advises in the areas of reorganization and restructuring of companies, individual and collective dismissal law, co-determination law, collective agreements law, disability and reintegration, flexible employment and secondment, in- and outsourcing, transfer of undertaking, management and freelance agreements, and competition and relationship clauses. If necessary, we can assist you in legal proceedings regarding any of these issues

We work quickly and efficiently and are able to advise and assist you with commitment and expertise. Many of our clients are active in IT, engineering, horticulture and related sectors, and in sustainable energy, care and welfare. In addition, we advise company directors as well as employees who need specialized legal assistance.

Specific requirements apply in the area of public service and education law. We have the knowledge for that too. Our clients are governmental, semi-public and educational institutions, as well as civil servants and teachers.