Parallel import

We have particular expertise in facilitating authorised parallel imports. We act for brand owners, wholesalers, retailers and logistics service providers. We are active in a variety of sectors, ranging from premium luxury goods, machinery, perishables, electronics to FMCG.

The collective term 'parallel import' is used to describe the fact that goods are traded in parallel along the manufacturer's distribution network. It is therefore better to speak of parallel distribution of goods. Authorised parallel imports are a corollary of the EU's fundamental right of free movement of goods. The EU considers it appropriate for the proper functioning of the EU internal market that European consumers are able to take full advantage of price differences of goods within the EU Member States.

We also have extensive experience at the other end of the spectrum in combating unauthorised parallel imports. However, this is subject to specific rules, such as the principles of exhaustion of trademark rights. These rules result from Benelux and European trademark law and the legal rules under case law on a national, Benelux and European level.

This involves the complex field of trademark law, customs law and competition law requirements for setting up distribution networks.