Insolvency law

If your company is in financial trouble, you can turn to our insolvency specialists. They can advise you on the best approach, how to talk to your lender, whether you can restructure your debts, and whether and how you can restart your business. The lawyers in our insolvency team also assist directors, financiers or creditors (individually or jointly).

Cees is the largest insolvency law firm in the province of Zuid-Holland. Our insolvency team has more than 15 experts, many of whom are regularly appointed by the court as insolvency practitioner or administrator. As such, they have the experience and expertise to advise before and during a suspension of payment, insolvency or composition with creditors. Practically all of our insolvency practitioners have followed postgraduate training in insolvency law and are members of the specialist association Insolad.

Our insolvency team advises companies, directors, investors, creditors and other parties involved in an (imminent) bankruptcy. If necessary, we also litigate against insolvency practitioners, banks and other creditors to secure our client’s position.

The submitted public reports of bankruptcies handled by insolvency practitioners/administrators of Cees can be viewed on the website of the Judiciary (District Court). Reports in bankruptcies of private persons cannot be retrieved through the website of the Judiciary. These reports will be provided to the debtor's creditors upon request.