Property law

Property law is in a state of flux and will continue to be influenced by a combination of factors in the coming years, such as technological innovation, sustainability, changed consumption patterns and the question of how people want to live and work. Our specialized property lawyers are active in this special and complex playing field.

In addition to a specific focus on the development of energy projects, we combine expertise in area development, project development, environmental and planning law, procurement law, construction law, tenancy law, joint ventures and financing. Our expertise really comes into its own in wide-ranging and more complex situations.

The unique cooperation between our lawyers ensures that your question is considered from all relevant angles in a practical and thorough manner. So you can be sure that your business is in good hands and you don't miss a thing.

We can support you in preparing a project or contract negotiations. But sometimes proceedings are unavoidable. Here, too, we can be of service to you. Whether it is building disputes, objections and appeals in administrative law proceedings, performance disputes, procurement law or state support discussions.