Intellectual Property (IP), IT & Privacy

Our Intellectual Property (IP), IT & Privacy team deals with protection, enforcement and exploitation of IP rights, IT-related matters and privacy law. Relevant developments in various sectors in which IP, IT & Privacy play a role follow each other in rapid succession. We will help you out.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Intellectual Property (IP) mainly concerns inventions, models or distinguishing marks in all kinds of fields. Creating IP rights and maintaining them is our daily business. You also want to protect your IP rights from unauthorised use by third parties. In our branch, we advise on and conduct proceedings regarding the enforcement and commercial exploitation of, among others, the following IP rights: copyrights, database rights, trade name rights, plant breeders' rights, trademark rights, design rights and patents.


In addition to IP rights, we also deal with IT-related advice and proceedings. IT is an essential part of every entrepreneur's business. The disparity between expectations and actual functionalities of a system prompts many disputes between producers and purchasers of IT applications. Every entrepreneur has their own experiences in the IT field. These experiences are partly determined by the role of the entrepreneur in an IT process. The roles of customer, IT developer or licensor each have their own pros and cons, and, as a result, items for consideration. We have extensive experience in the various roles in IT-related cases. The ability to put ourselves in the other party's shoes is crucial to add value for clients, whether in an advisory capacity or in the context of proceedings.


For every entrepreneur, privacy compliance is a must. This applies all the more after the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The obligations arising from privacy law and specifically the GDPR have become an essential part of a company's daily operations. Following the introduction of the GDPR, compliance is of great importance to avoid the imposition of an administrative fine or order subject to a penalty by the Personal Data Authority (AP). The GDPR affects existing legal relationships within a company, such as the relationship between employer and staff in the GDPR context, the relationship between the company and its customers, the relocation company and IT suppliers hired by this company. The GDPR has a mandatory effect on these legal relationships, and can therefore be seen as a filter that is placed on top of existing legal relationships.

We offer you full support in IP-, IT- and Privacy-related issues and legal proceedings. If necessary, we cooperate with external specialists such as trademark and design agents, IT experts, customs specialists and detective agencies.